Dan's Website

Welcome to einados.com! Glad you're here! This site is mostly a repository for my own personal use, and because I didn't want to buy a domain and just have a blank website. Does this site serve any general purpose? Possibly! But what counts is that I have some form of web presence on every available medium. As noted from the footer notes, this new and improved site design has been designed by Alan Reuter of alanreuterart.com! He is a swell guy and if you are looking for any design advice, work done, or pretty much anything having to do with graphic design then he is your man.

The coding of this site (which is to say, not the web design but the framework underneath) has been completed by myself, and if this sort of thing delights you, you'll be happy to know that this site is maintained and designed using mostly the vim editor, which is the best editor period and if you disagree with this then you are wrong.

In this paragraph I had mentioned that I would update more on what this site was about later, but that was a long time ago so it's obvious that I won't be adding much to this site because life just got in the way. So basically this site is just a placeholder for all random crap that I want to make public.